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Speed Matters

One of the key factors a lot of people overlook when getting a new website is page speed – if your website is slow to load, it could be having a harmful effect on your business.

We've all been in that position. You look something up on Google. Click the first result. It takes too long to load so we simply go back and try the next result. How much business has that website potentially lost? Don't let that be your business.

Not only does this harm a user's experience of your site, but Google will also notice a person isn't staying on your site. This key metric is called bounce rate and, in general, a site which is slow to load correlates to a high bounce rate. Research has indicated that 53% of mobile users will leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load.

As a user spends increasingly more time on your site, an e-commerce store, for example, site speed will play an even larger role, as with each page that needs to load to make a conversion, there is more chance for drop-off. And if people are bouncing due to slow load times, they’re not converting to paying customers.

Google has also indicated more recently that it's not only the bounce rate being measured but specific site speed signals are used in its ranking algorithm as well – adding a variety of user experience criteria, such as how quickly pages load and mobile-friendliness, as factors for ranking results.

With the ever-increasing number of users engaging with sites on their mobile, it becomes even more important to ensure your site loads quickly and is friendly to mobile users to get the user to the content they want.

Google provides it's PageSpeed Insights tool to give you feedback on the content of your webpage, and how you can make that page faster.

At amigo, our mobile-first approach and use of the latest web technologies such as Gatsby help our clients have blazingly fast websites from the get-go. We can also offer site speed optimisations as part of our SEO services for older, existing websites for which we can always guarantee results.

Ali Coleman

Co-Founder & Lead Developer at amigo.

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