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The JAMstack – A Modern Web Development Architecture

Here at amigo. we're always pushing to be at the latest in cutting edge technology and web development practices. Recently one of the trending web architectures is that of the JAMstack, and we've been using it throughout some of our recent builds.

But what is the JAMstack?

Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.

The main reasons for us beginning to deploy websites using the JAMstack is because it delivers better performance, higher security, low cost scaling, and a better developer experience.

This website for example is built on this JAMstack, using React, Gatsby and Contentful, and hosted by Netlify.

Using Gatsby as a static site generator allows us to use React as a front end javascript framework. We can then leverage the Contentful API as a headless CMS to manage our content and then pre-build all of our pages at deploy time using Gatsby. All of this is then delivered using the static website host, Netlify, ensuring speed and performance.

Ali Coleman

Co-Founder & Lead Developer at amigo.

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