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WordPress 5.0 Welcomes The Gutenberg Editor

The latest major release of WordPress has become a bit of a big deal for those, like us at amigo., relying on the world's most popular content management system.

WordPress is used for a wide range of websites from blogs and small businesses to large publishers and corporate organisations. What makes it popular as a web platform is it's open source foundation, meaning it's free for everyone to get started, and you can build and modify functionality as you see fit. Developers have made a living off simply extending its functionality with plugins and themes.

One of the issues with depending on a platform like WordPress is when major changes come along, like in WordPress 5.0, plugins and custom functionality must follow suit, or things may break. The flagship feature of WordPress 5.0 is the new Gutenberg editor and this major change to the default WordPress editor (although you can revert back to the Classic Editor via an official plugin) can have some breaking changes to your site.

The Gutenberg editor; however, does achieve its aims of simplifying the editing experience while at the same time adding more features to enhance the capabilities of the editor. The editor refers to blocks of content within a post such as a paragraph, list, image, video or some other dynamic content – each of which gets their own editing options and controls.

Developers can also create their own custom blocks for frequently used content or pulling in dynamic content from other sources.

The idea behind the new editor is to keep WordPress as easy to use and as current as some of the competing web platforms, such as the Medium or Ghost blogging platforms, which have become popular over recent years. And, from early use of the editor, it certainly feels like they have done a good job at achieving that goal.

Although we won't be upgrading existing sites to WordPress 5.0 in a hurry, to ensure against any breaking changes, we will ensure any of our new WordPress developments at amigo. will start out using the new WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor.

Ali Coleman

Co-Founder & Lead Developer at amigo.

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