Helping Clients Improve User Engagement and Skyrocket Conversions

Helping Clients Improve User Engagement and Skyrocket Conversions


Amigo Studios is a Belfast-based web design agency focused on helping businesses increase their online presence and user engagement. With over 10 years of experience, our talented team of designers and developers specialize in responsive website design, e-commerce solutions, and search engine optimisation.

Whether you're a local startup or an established brand looking to drive more traffic and sales, Amigo Studios has the expertise to take your website to the next level. Our data-driven approach involves analyzing your business goals, assessing your current website performance, and developing a custom solution tailored to your unique needs.

From complete redesigns to website maintenance, Amigo Studios aims to not only make your site look great, but optimize it for maximum conversions. We stay up-to-date on the latest web design trends, ensuring your site provides an exceptional user experience on all devices.

This case study article will examine two examples of businesses that saw incredible growth after partnering with Amigo Studios for website design projects. By highlighting the strategies used and results achieved, it illustrates their ability to successfully boost user engagement and ROI for clients across diverse industries.

Case Study #1: Belfast Mini Coach

Belfast Mini Coach started as a small family-owned bus and minibus hire company in Northern Ireland. As a startup, they struggled to gain traction in the competitive Belfast transportation market. The lacked a modern website design and intuitive navigation, leading to poor user engagement. Without search engine optimisation, they were nowhere to be found on Google for key terms like "Bus Hire Belfast."

After partnering with Amigo Studios for their website development, Belfast Mini Coach saw tremendous improvements across the board. Amigo focused on optimising the site architecture and navigation for the user journey. We also optimised the site for search engines by improving page load speeds, implementing schema markup, and creating targeted content for ranking well in Google.

Within just a few months of launching the website, Belfast Mini Coach shot up to the first page on Google for "Bus Hire Belfast" and related keywords. Their new website, branding, and content strategy led to high user engagement and conversions for bus and minibus bookings. The website design was a game-changer that catapulted Belfast Mini Coach to the top of the Belfast transportation market.

The Website Design

Originally Belfast Mini Coach struggled without a website. The goal of the website design was to create a website with a modern the look and feel, a simple booking process, and overall good user experience. Key elements included:

  • Clean, modern design with plenty of white space
  • Prominent calls-to-action for booking and contacting
  • Simplified booking process reduced to 3 steps
  • Improved navigation and site architecture
  • Optimized for mobile to boost on-the-go bookings

By creating the website's design, structure and booking process, Belfast Mini Coach aimed to increase customer bookings and grow their business online.

Improved User Engagement

After the website's design, Belfast Mini Coach saw significant user engagement metrics on their site. This included:

  • Time on site per visit of 2:30 minutes. This showed that users were spending time browsing vehicles, reading content, and engaging with the website design.

  • Pages per visit of 3.2. With the navigation and content added throughout the site, visitors were viewing pages and exploring the site during each visit.

  • Bounce rate dropped of 45%. Visitors were engaged enough to click into the site from the home page, rather than leaving immediately.

The time on site, pages per visit, and bounce rate all pointed to good user engagement after Amigo Studios' website design. Users were spending time on the site, viewing pages, and interacting with the content.

Higher Conversions

After the website design and development, Belfast Mini Coach saw a significant increase in bookings and revenue. The new site optimized the booking process, making it easier and more intuitive for customers to schedule minibus and coach rentals.

Key results include:

  • Bookings increased by 35% in the first month after launch. This number steadily climbed over the next 6 months.

  • Conversion rates from site visitors to paying customers just after launch was 20%. The booking process and UI/UX drove high conversions.

  • In the first year after the website design and development, Belfast Mini Coach generated over £120,000 in additional revenue from online bookings.

  • The website now converts visitors at a rate 36%.

  • Customers complete bookings fast, the average time to fill out the booking is only 1:14 minutes.

  • Mobile bookings account for over 60% of online reservations. The responsive, mobile-friendly design makes it easy for customers to book on smartphones and tablets.

The significant online conversions demonstrates the power of optimising the digital customer experience. With a design focused on usability and conversions, Belfast Mini Coach was able to maximize bookings and revenue from their website traffic. The design delivered tremendous ROI by converting site visitors into paying customers at a higher rate.

Top Google Rankings

Thanks to our comprehensive SEO strategy, Belfast Mini Coach quickly rose to the #2 position on Google for "bus hire Belfast" and related searches.

We started with extensive keyword research to identify Belfast Mini Coach's highest-potential keywords and phrases. We then optimised the site architecture and navigation to make it easy for search engines to crawl and index the most important pages.

The content was rewritten to focus on the target keywords, while providing useful information for users. We also added schema markup to highlight key business information. And we built high-quality backlinks from relevant directories, blogs, and other sites.

Technical SEO was not overlooked either. We made sure the site loaded quickly, was mobile-friendly, and had a clean HTML structure free of errors.

Within just 3 months of relaunching the new website, Belfast Mini Coach ranked #2 for their primary keyword "bus hire Belfast" as well as related long-tail queries. Organic traffic and conversions saw significant increases as a result.

Case Study #2: started out as a small business run by a model farm enthusiast selling handmade 1:32 scale model farm accessories locally in Northern Ireland. The owner, Blake, had been building model farms as a hobby for over 5 years and decided to start selling some pieces online to other model farm enthusiasts around the world.

The website was very basic - just a few product pages and a contact form. Blake was getting a trickle of sales, but wanted to expand the business internationally. That's when he contacted Amigo Studios to overhaul his online shop.

We replatformed using a robust e-commerce platform optimised for global sales. The improved site architecture, product filtering and search enabled customers to easily find the exact models they wanted. We also implemented multi-currency pricing and calculations, as well as seamless international shipping options.

Within a year of the new website launching, was selling model farm accessories to customers in over 20 countries worldwide. Revenues skyrocketed from less than £10k to over £100k. By tapping into the global community of model farm enthusiasts, Amigo Studios helped take from a local Northern Irish business to an international e-commerce success story.

E-Commerce Replatform

A key focus of the website redesign was transitioning to a new e-commerce platform that could support their rapid business growth. The previous website used an outdated platform with limited features and an inefficient checkout process, restricting sales opportunities especially from international markets.

The new e-commerce platform enabled numerous improvements:

  • A modern responsive design to enhance user experience on all devices
  • Advanced product filters and search to help customers easily find items
  • Cross-sell/upsell recommendations for additional sales
  • Multiple payment options like PayPal to facilitate checkout
  • Multi-currency support and localized pricing for international buyers
  • Powerful analytics to identify opportunities to optimize and boost conversions

By replatforming's e-commerce capabilities, Amigo Studios laid the foundation for them to scale up in reach and revenue. The new flexible, feature-rich platform played a major role in propelling over £100k in global sales.

£100k in Global Sales

Moving to the Open Cart e-commerce platform had a tremendous impact on's worldwide sales. In the 12 months prior to the replatform, made approximately £5,000 in online sales. The majority of these sales came from the UK market.

After launching on the new e-commerce platform, saw global sales more than double to over £100,000 in the first year. Driving this growth was increased traffic from international markets, especially the Ireland, Germany and Australia. Amigo's focus on SEO and localization allowed's products to rank highly in overseas Google results.

In addition, the new e-commerce platform provided a much smoother mobile and tablet experience. This led to a 300% increase in orders from smartphones in the first 6 months after replatforming. With a responsive design and improved checkout process, customers found it easier than ever to browse and purchase from their phones.

By tapping into a global customer base, was able to grow beyond its domestic market. Amigo's expertise in international e-commerce proved invaluable, taking's hobby business to over £100,000 in worldwide sales. The replatform unlocked's global potential.


The website design case studies presented here showcase the profound impact Amigo Studios can have on a business's online presence and bottom line. By leveraging their expertise in design, user experience, and search engine optimization, Amigo Studios was able to completely transform two companies' websites.

For Belfast Mini Coach, the website design and development elevated the site's visibility in search to reach the top of Google for the key term "Bus Hire Belfast." This newfound discoverability drove increased user engagement and conversions, establishing Belfast Mini Coach as a top provider in its local market.

The e-commerce replatform conducted for unlocked tremendous new sales potential for this niche business. Amigo Studios optimised the site for e-commerce functionality and a superior user experience. This quickly resulted in 10x growth, with reaching £100,000 in global sales after partnering with Amigo Studios.

The impressive outcomes achieved for these two clients highlight Amigo Studios' talent for creating websites that engage users and drive business results. Their custom solutions lead to remarkable ROI by aligning design and UX with core business objectives. Companies looking to revitalize their online presence and conversions would be wise to partner with Amigo Studios.

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